I'm soliton

Making and growing internet products with a focus on NFT and crypto

Solo-Capitalist in web3 @Solo Capitalist
Freelance Growth & Economics Web3 @soliton
Host @farmspot Podcast
Bringing a human touch to web3 @TokenofHonor

I love building & hacking things on the internet when I'm not reading books or writing.

Though I was born in Belgium, I consider myself more of a citizen of the world as I've lived in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Bali, Cambodia, and Paris.

A soliton, or solitary wave, is a self-reinforcing wave that maintains its shape while it propagates at a constant velocity.


I live on the edge of technology and romanticism.

Standing on giants' shoulders, I see myself as an adventurer exploring the map of reality, one step at a time, and discovering its inherent possibilities.

Some heroes of mine: Francisco D'Anconia, John Galt, Hank Rearden, Ayn Rand, Baudelaire, Nick Bostrom, Elon Musk, Nassim Taleb, Naval, Balajis, Satoshi Nakamoto, Pieter Thiel, Paul Graham, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Yourcenar, Sylvain Tesson, Blaise Cendrars, Foucault, Céline, René Girard, Albert Cohen, Lévi-Strauss, Romain Gary, Michel Houellebecq.

Books and writing are my way of anamnesis, diagnosis, and prognosis.

"Il faut faire les choses for love, sinon nous sommes idiots." - Orson Welles


I read +50 books per year, listen to the best podcasts available, watch documentaries and follow the best minds of our world on various platforms. Does it count?

Liège University
Law & Political Science

Never attended a course and somehow managed to get my law bachelor's degree with a minor in political "science".
Dropped-out my master's degree to pursue more fulfilling tech stuff.

Le Wagon
Computer Software Engineering

9-week intensive coding bootcamp learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, git, GitHub, Heroku and Ruby on Rails.
Truly changed my mindset and 10x my ability to build things online

Youtube and online Ed
Product, Growth, Philo & Sciences

As I'd rather build new things instead of sitting in a classroom, I found Youtube to be the Holy Grail of learning to complete my education. Of course, it's an evergoing process.


LoneRider Motorcycle
Growth Hacker & Product Manager

Designed & sourced +10 products for the motorcycle adventure industry. Factory by day, growth by night. Introduced to rationality & first-principles thinking by CEO & Mentor.

Lead Growth

Joined as first employee. Contributed to growing the business to several hundred thousands euros per month in revenue while seeing first hand the scale to +40 employees and +10m€ raised.

The Farmspot Podcast

Jeddi & I have been really good friends for several years now. We can talk all night long about tech, startups, and everything in-between. So we made a podcast out of it.

Solo capitalist
Investing and contributing in web3

In 2020, I decided to leave my full time job to focus on web3. On top of managing my portfolio and living off of its performances, I try to contribute as much as I can to this newborn ecosystem.

Tech related Interests

Blockchain, DeFi & NFT

Bitcoin was released in January 2009 and since then the cryptocurrency space has been innovating & growing steadily. DeFi, which stands for Decentralized Finance, is going to explode in the next decade and I want to be part of it. Why? Because it's a better casino than Wall Street as Naval, the famous investor, said. I want to be skin in the game so I invested 25% of my net worth in DeFi and cryptocurrencies in general. I'm not day-trading and I hold most of my tokens for 6 months on average. NFT, which stands for "Non-Fungible Token", is part of this disprutive wave. Want to own a meme? Want to own an art masterpiece living on the internet? Want to own some digital cats? NFT are here to help make sure you're the sole owner and beneficiary of the piece. The main thesis which I tend to agree with is the one from Balajis and could be sum up as the following:
1800s: Farming
1900s: Manufacturing
2000s: Investing
"Only ~300k Bloomberg terminals, but >100X that many trading crypto & using Robinhood. Huge transfer of power away from Wall Street, New York, Fed, and the dollar towards the world. Everyone becomes an investor."
The recent story of DeepFuckingValue who shorted big Wall Streets money and shared his move on a subreddit is very eloquent in that sense.

I have many ideas for this industry I'll explore in the coming years until one clearly succeeds.


Humanity was born on earth but no one said it should die there. Since age 12 I'm reading everything related to space I can put my hands on. The mix of weekends spent at the national space hub launching diy mini-rockets and lately being part of the citizen space commission for ESA created fertile grounds to develop further ideas and volition in this area. Not to mention I'm a big fan of Sci-fi books and movies about space.

The Great Stagnation

"We wanted flying cars but got 140 characters tweet instead", Peter Thiel. Let that sink in.
I'm exploring the paradox of a world where innovation is chanted but still does not seem to have made big steps towards progress in hard science for a long time now. Where are our flying cars? What are the mechanisms of power at work?Pre-order my book to learn more about it.

My stack

some my favorite products and useful tools

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I'm iterating on ideas and crafting mini-products that I will eventually turn into a business if I find one that a. I really love b. can be monetized at some point.
Here is a little overview of the projects I've been working on in the past years (// having a full time job)

  • iggrow: an Instagram automation service. reached ramen profitability. status: down

  • leadcoco: LinkedIn lead generation service. almost reached ramen profitability. status: down

  • MdL: DTC in the food sector generated 4,5k€ in 35 days. status: paused

  • Farmspot Farmers: A community of makers listening to the Farmspot Podcast eager to learn and share their experiences in private circles.

  • TOH A media for hackers in web3

coming soon
I'm always working on something.
coming soon


I'm available for freelancing in growth and developed many skills useful in web3. If you're into play-and-earn or DeFi, I'd very interested in helping you in marketing, tokenomics & game mechanics.

I can also be of great help for everything concerning Automation, Lead Generation (inbound and outbound), Email Marketing, SEA , SEO, Social Ads (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads,..), CRM, CMS, Analytics.
I also build small products (like websites, mini apps, etc) on demand.

I have a track record of growing businesses from almost 0 to +5m€/year in revenue and generated +20m€ in demand.

Let's talk: contact me at francois@soliton.is


I'm writing my first book and it's about tech and stagnation.
Show support and pre-order it by clicking on "Buy Now" button. It's only 4.99€. You will receive each chapter in exclusive preview as I write them and will be mentioned in the thank you page when it's officially out.

© Soliton. All rights reserved.